• Choose 2What container is available?
  • Can we plant directly into the ground?
  • Does it have to be fixed?
  • Can it be made to rotate and emulate the action of the sun
  • What is the appropriate type and depth of compost?

Various plants may have specific requirements but for large material stability is the key. Also the size of root ball will have to be taken into account, as this will determine the choice of container. The larger the root ball the more restricted the choice of container.

At what point in the program can the plants be installed?

All the following can damage the plants and put the success of the planting scheme at risk:

  • Construction crews, plant and equipment.
  • Cold in unfinished buildings.
  • Dust, particularly from a building site or from blowers during a smoke test. This is one of the biggest problems for plants. Unlike other elements in a building, plants are alive and cannot cope with the dust from a building site.

efig, as a body, is working to get the installation of new plants to be carried out after the building has been handed over to the client. Soil and containers can be installed into a construction site beforehand, but the plants themselves should always be left until handover.


Selection of material & specification

Many other factors also have a bearing on what plants will eventually make it into the building. Some of these factors will relate to the building itself, such as "What is the access route into the building?" and "Will water be available at the time of installation?"
However one of the major influencing factors will be availability.


How can I ensure that I can get the plants I want?

  • Apart from limits on how big certain species grow given enough time it is possible to source almost any form and size of plant. In some cases this will require special shaping and growing on. Material may be sourced from North America, the Mediterranean region or even the Far East. If time does not allow you will be restricted to material already held in European Nurseries.
  • If you want something large, or a particular form or even matching plants. It is desirable to get these tagged as early as possible in the process. If special material is selected from outside Europe it will have to be brought over and acclimatised in good time.
  • For a large project to work a two-year lead-time is not unusual.


What factors should be included in a written specification?

  • Overall height and width of trees. Normally this will be from the bottom of the pot to the top of the canopy (not including protruding branches or leaves).
  • Is a clear stem required and, if so, how much?
  • Container: This can have a considerable effect on the overall height. A large pot can add up to 0.5m in overall height.
  • If being planted directly into the ground then specify height from the top of the root ball. Sometimes the plant sits below floor level and this thickness should be taken into account.

For a more detailed discussion around any of the topics raised here, contact an efigMember who will be happy to answer your questions. You can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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